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April 04 2011

Make Windows Run Better than New with TuneUp Utilities

Keeping your Computer Running Like a Top

Overview: Learn how to clean, optimize, and repair Windows to better-than-new using TuneUp Utilities software.

TuneUp Utilities Software Tutorial

How to Battle Windows Bit-Rot

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is an very thorough suite of Windows Cleaning, Repair, and Optimization tools that can get just about every aspect of your Windows PC running even better than the day you took it home.  First the bad news: the application costs $49.95 retail. I like to recommend as much free software as possible on this site, but this one might be worth using a crowbar on that old wallet. I have set this up on my parents’, aunts’, cousins’ and neighbors’ computers and they have all be extremely happy.

Disclaimer: The link is an affiliate link. If you click through and buy it, the folks at TuneUP will buy me a flying car or something. That being said, I have purchased it myself and convinced numerous friends and family members to buy it too. It’s really that good! I will never recommend a product that I don’t think is awesome, I promise.

Now, let’s see all of the great things that you can do to keep your system humming along.

Download and Install TuneUp Utilities

The first thing that you need to do is download a copy of TuneUp Utilities 2011 and install it on your computer.

TuneUp Utilities Installation Wizard

The whole process takes a few seconds and is guided with a simple wizard.

The first time the system runs it will check for any available updates.

TuneUp Utilities Check Updates

1-Click Maintenance

TuneUp initially runs its’ 1-Click Maintenance routine which automatically checks and repairs a bunch of common issues. You should go back and run this again periodically to keep things healthy.

TuneUp Utilities 1 Click Maintenance

TuneUp will check through several areas that typically can have problems.

TuneUp Utilities Analyze PC

When the analysis is finished, you will see an explanation of any problems that were discovered.

TuneUp Utilities Analyze PC

You will be prompted to let TuneUp correct the problems. Just a few clicks is all it takes.

TuneUp Utilities Analyze PC

TuneUp Utilities Main Menu

The main menu of TuneUp has a series of tabs that allow you to maintain, adjust, and optimize just about every aspect of your computer.

TuneUp Home Screen

If you want an overview of what all of the functions actually do, you can click the Overview of all functions link at the end of the row of tabs. This will show you all of the functions.

Functions Overview

Click on any of the entries for an explanation of what it does.

Status and Recommendations Tab

The Status and Recommendations tab give you information on the Maintenance Schedule (enable this), Performance settings, and Immediate problems.

The Increase performance wizard allows you to configure settings that match the way that you want to use your computer. (Lots of bells and whistles vs. lean and mean.) If you have an older system, you can tune it to take it easy on your old hardware.

Increase System Performance

Run through the tabs and make the recommended enhancements.

7 TuneUp Home Screen

Optimizing your System

The Optimize System tab allows you to remove applications and processes that will place an unnecessary burden on your machine. You can also manually run any of the steps performed by the 1-Click Maintenance routine.

Optimize System Tab

If you really want to go lean and mean, try the Turbo Mode button.

Gain Disk Space Tab

The Gain Disk Space tab will allow you to check and clean your hard drive. This will allow you to make the most of whatever space you have. Again, just a few quick clicks and it’s done.

8 1 Optimize System Tab

Fix Problems Tab

The Fix Problems tab allows you to diagnose and repair some simple problems with your registry, security settings, and hard disk.

Fix Problems Tab

The Disk Doctor will check and repair any issues automatically. Very nice.

10 Disk Doctor

Customize Windows Tab

Everybody wants their environment to look and work in a way that makes sense to them. There are a series of options that let you tweak and customize the look and feel of your Windows interface. It even gives you choices like appearance vs. performance.

11 Customize Windows Tab

TuneUp Utilities 2011 Video Tutorial

See how to use the most helpful feature of TuneUp Utilities 2011 in the video tutorial below.


If you have a old Windows computer or a new one, you can use TuneUp Utilities to optimize, clean, and repair just about everything that goes on. This application is the best tool that I have used for keeping Windows in perfect running condition.

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