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October 23 2013

How to Record your iPhone or iPad’s Screen using AirPlay Mirroring

How to Record your iPhone or iPad’s Screen using AirPlay Mirroring

How to Record your iPhone or iPad’s Screen using AirPlay Mirroring

How to Record your iPhone or iPad’s Screen using AirPlay Mirroring

October 18 2011

iMessage and Find My Friends – Eradicating all but Apple – Guest Post

Imessage find my phone review

Most of the tech pundits blogging about the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 seem to overlook the significance of Apple’s nod to all matters social. Aimed to rival Blackberry’s infamous BBM Messenger, iMessage is Apple’s first foray into the IM market. With the promise of unlimited messaging, iMessage could cement Apple’s position at the forefront of the smartphone market with iPhone 4S contracts.

Find My Friends’ is another feature that Apple has added, and yet one that hasn’t attracted much publicity. Enabling you to track the location of your friends, the possibilities offered by this feature are huge. Of course, the technology behind it is already well-established, although this is the first time it’s made an appearance on the iPhone.

Firstly, iMessage. It will work with any device running iOS 5; so whatever model of iPad, iPhone (from 3GS and upwards) or iPod Touch you own will be compatible. iMessage will allow you to exchange texts, videos and photos using 3G or Wi-Fi, continuously and without interruption, thanks to iCloud. The messaging is unlimited if you’re contacting anyone else with a compatible Apple device, and is conveniently built into your Message app.

Not only will you be able to track your messages with a friend or group, but you can even see when everyone else is typing. On top of this, the innovative new helper Siri is able to text for you; just ask it to text your mates, and you have truly hands-free communication. Being able to continue conversations from where you left off is simple but sensible stuff, and puts iMessage above and beyond the limits of SMS/text messaging. You can receive delivery receipts, secure encryption and even save yourself some hard-earned cash on the cost of texts. Sorted.

Find My Friends, however, is a little different: you’ll be presented with a list of your friends and a map pinpointing where they are. It may prove to be the case that this feature is only utilized by worried parents, trying to track down their teenage progeny who were supposed to be home by ten. However it can, as Apple have stated, allow you to ‘meet up with friends at an outdoor concert [or] see when your out-of-town guest has finally made it past baggage claim.’ It’s an important function; one that allows you to connect with friends in an indirect way, without constant back and forth communication. There are certain privacy concerns, but if you employ the right settings you’ll be keeping track of those people close to you; more importantly, you’ll only be tracked by them too.

It’s unclear whether this latter feature will be used as much as the former: Find My Friends is not being presented as a social networking tool, so who knows how customers will use it. All in all, the fact that it restricts this social function to Apple users is most probably the greatest limitation, but it does have the potential – with iMessage – to eradicate the need for anything else. In the right hands, and with the right gadgets, the possibilities afforded by these features are endless: could Apple deliver a deathblow to the competition with iPhone 4S mobile phone contracts? Don’t bet against it.

About the Author

Simon Drew writes for Best Mobile Contracts a UK based mobile phone website.

August 30 2011

10 iPad Accessories You May Not Know You Totally Need

Here is a list of the top ten accessories iPad and tablet lovers may or may not know they totally need.

10 iPad Accessories You May Not Know You Totally Need

10 iPad Accessories You May Not Know You Totally Need

July 11 2011

5 Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps For the iPad

It seems as though the minute the iPad was announced, innumerable light bulbs went off as developers and entrepreneurs everywhere came to the same realization: "We could totally use this device as a digital whiteboard!" Indeed, a search for the word "whiteboard" in the App Store returns a whopping 170 iPad apps.

May 17 2011

10 Weird and Wacky Apps for the iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the way people communicate and use the Internet, especially with the many apps available. Some apps, however, have little to no practical use. The following lists ten of the oddest apps ever to hit either device.

Weird iphone ipad apps

Hold On!

Hold On! measures the phone user’s ability to press a virtual button and reports endurance times to a league. Apart from giving the user opportunity to beat a personal best score and brag to friends, this app is pointless.



A large library of flatulance awaits the user of iFart. While it may be good for a few laughs at parties or disrupting a boring class, its socially unacceptable sound effects will offend many.


Sexy Piano

Every time a virtual piano key is struck, it produces the sound of a sexy girl ahhing and oohing. This app is probably aimed at teenage boys who want to impress their friends.

Sexy piano


iSteam will place a mist on the user’s screen by way of blowing into the microphone. The user can then write on the screen much like a steamy mirror, complete with sound effects. The screen is cleared by shaking the device. Clever, if not terribly useful.


Auto Will

A quick, easy way for the user to whip up a last will and testament while stuck in a meeting or commuting. The legality of the resulting document is questionable.

Rimshot & Crickets

This app lets the user know whether or not they’re funny or a fail. Aside from the rimshot cymbal crash and bored crickets is a trombone sound to indicate a bad twist of fate. Only for the hokey and the insecure.

Rimshot and crickets

Multi-Color Concert Lighter

A digital version of the Zippo, the Concert Lighter is the modern way to enjoy ballads at live music shows. It even imitates the flicker of flame as it’s moved back and forth. Old school concertgoers will find it highly annoying.


Bed Rabbit

Aimed at adults, the Bed Rabbit assesses sexual performance by grading sounds the couple makes and creativity in their movements. It allows for the emailing of performance ratings for bragging rights or ridicule later on.



A catalog of 200 extremely realistic vomit sounds is the highlight of this app. A good way to clear a path to the bathroom or that last seat on the bus but that’s about it.


Pocket Girl

Designed for the male who always seems to lack a girlfriend, the Pocket Girl will react to series of programmed actions, such as kissing or waving, on the edge of the screen. Will certainly raise eyebrows when the guy tries to introduce her.

Pocket girl

While the above listed apps may not be useful or add to productivity, they are a free and easy way to make people laugh, keep the user entertained and to simply pass the time. iPads and iPhones should be fun, after all.

About the Author

Sim only

This is a guest post by Spencer Hogg from the Sim Only website where iPhone SIM only contracts can be found and compared.


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