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July 31 2012

Sharing a Printer Using Google Cloud Print – Guest Post

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Google Cloud Printing Tutorial

Today printers are a necessity for both office and home uses, and there are many types of printers offered to meet varied uses, such as the Dell inkjet printers and wireless printers. However, there are cases when you want to have something printed, but printers are not available at hand. The good news is that this problem might be solved with Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud Print brings a revolution in printer sharing. With this awesome technology you can not only share the printer with your friend, family members and colleagues over the Internet, but you can also use your own printer remotely. You can connect your home and office printers to Google Cloud Print and let the others print what they want. Google Cloud Print is available for your smartphone, tablet computer, desktop PCs and laptop computers including Chromebook. If you have other devices that can be connected to the web and can send a printable file over the web, then Google Cloud Print will also work on that device.

Google Cloud Print has made the printer sharing over the Internet quite easy. Now we will talk about how to take advantage of this technology for your benefits.

Using Google Chrome To Setup A Cloud Print

We will be using Google Chrome to setup Google Cloud Print. First of all launch Google Chrome and click the wrench on the top-right. Choose “options” and the options page will open. In the left sidebar, click “Under the Hood”. A new page will open, then find Google Cloud Print at the lower part of that page. Click on “Sign into Google Cloud Print”. After that you will be prompted to register your PC’s printers with your Google Account. This step may require verification. It is very good to see that Google account requires verification before any of our information is retrieved or related to our Google Account.

Sharing Printer With Your Friends, Family Members Or Colleagues

Once you have clicked the “Finish printer registration” at the end of the previous step, then you will be able to see ‘Manage Your Printers’ link. If you don’t see this button click on the top-right wrench of the Google Chrome, then find “options”, then “Under the hood” and scroll down the page to see it.

After that you will be taken to the Google Cloud Print administration area where you can see Print Jobs and Printers in the left sidebar. Click Printers and you will be able to see all the printers connected to your PC. Now, you can share your printer by simply clicking the green “share” at the top of the list.

A dialogue box will open. Here enter the name of the people to whom you want to share the printer. Simply start typing the name and it will show you the suggestions through retrieving the contacts from your Gmail.

How To Accept Shared Printer And Send A Print Job

That was all you have to do to share your printer with your friends. Now, we will move on to how to accept a printer and send a print job to your printer.

  1. Once your friend has shared a printer then you need to visit Google Cloud Print website.
  2. You will see that you have a printer request in the left sidebar.
  3. Click on “Printers” and you will be able to see theprinter request.
  4. Click on “Accept” to accept the printer.

Now you have a printer!

To send a print job to your friend’s printer click on the (red) Print button and then click upload file to print. Currently Google Cloud Print supports only PDF and DOC formats. Choose a file and upload it.

Besides using web, applications of Google Cloud Printer are also available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Things You Should Know:

  • The request from the person (to whom you shared the printer) will first come to the Google Cloud Print, then it will go to your Google Chrome web browser and then it will be passed to the printer.
  • If your printer is turned on but your computer is turned off or Google Chrome is not running on your computer, then the requests won’t proceed from Google Cloud Print to your printer. Not only your computer must be turned on but Google Chrome must also be running in order to pass the print jobs from Google Cloud Print to your printer.
  • If your PC is turned off or Chrome is not running, the print jobs will not be wasted. They will be queued at Google Cloud Print. Whenever you turn your PC on and launch Google Chrome the print jobs will start moving to your printer.
  • It is very interesting to see that few printers come with built-in support for Google Cloud Print, so you just need to connect them with the Internet. More information on that could be found on the Google Cloud Print website.

Google Cloud Print provides an easy way to allow your friends to remotely use your printer. This also helps you in remotely using your printer. As we can see that Google Cloud Print is in beta but still it is very useful. We hope to see more features in the future. While there are applications for Windows and Mac PC users, a bad news for Linux PC users is that they can’t share their printer with Google Cloud Print. Currently there is no official support for Linux. We hope to see its support for Linux in the future.

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Edwin Sun is a devoted technology and gadgets blogger, and has written articles on various topics, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, printers and monitors. I am always willing to share ideas with those who want to learn more about the new cool gadgets.

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