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July 06 2012

What is the Future of Facebook? – Guest Post

facebook future social networking facebook

What is the Future of Facebook?

Facebook is a very strong social media nowadays. It has gained a lot of popularity in previous few years and has earned a major online market share. It knows the art of joining people together. You will hardly find people around you who haven’t got their facebook profiles. It is a very quick and easy way of getting updates about your surroundings. People don’t feel bored and lonely by sharing their thoughts and getting comments from their loved ones. Its messenger is quickly replacing Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo messengers which had monopoly over many years. It has also improved its voice and email communication over time. Despite of its numerous fans, there is a big question mark about its future. Here are some important facts under consideration:

Innovation is a Hurdle:

Changing technology is always a hurdle. Before the advent of facebook, we had emails, chat forums, Friendster and MySpace. Having a close look to MySpace, it is obvious that it was a big hit in nineties but with time it loaded with spam and was unable to retain its quality. So, we can aspect a new wonder anytime. The fast pace of technology is quickly replacing the previous ones. A new social media is arriving in the market nearly every year; each equipped with better features. Facebook needs to add distinguished features continuously in order to survive in this competitive era. It has got the competitive advantage of a young CEO having right energy and skills required to boost it up.

Craze in Developing Countries:

By closely looking at its market share of previous few years, it is surprising to find it declining in many developed countries like U.S, U.K and Canada. On the other hand, it is raising its share day by day in many developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Malaysia etc. This is a very encouraging yet challenging task for facebook to maintain its craze in developing countries. It should be very careful now to support anything which can hurt people’s feelings. There was a large hue and cry regarding facebook promoting some anti religious feelings. In order to maintain its credibility, it should prove to be unbiased focusing on better communication and entertainment for a large variety of audience.

Encouraging Corporate Clients:

No doubt, facebook is a real hit but as compared to many other social media websites like MySpace, it lacks corporate sponsors who can put their money in the proper promotion. In its early stage, it has got low membership which can be improved over time. Facebook, therefore, has got the tremendous opportunity to grow and target larger niche by finding and encouraging more corporate clients who are able to invest and earn better revenues. We can hence say that the future of facebook is bright, yet challenging. It has to cope up with the changing trends and innovations. With billions of users daily, it has got the ability of earning large revenues. The only thing is that it should be able to maintain its credibility over time.

About the Author

Kady Babs is doing CCNP Wireless Certification Preparation and freelancer writer and at present attached with Test4Prep. This is Best Source for Cisco Certification Exams Preparation. You can try free demos and there is 100% Risk Free and Money Back Guaranteed. William has creative writing skills and helping people to get certified on first try.

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June 25 2012

Why Apple Came up with a Less Creepy Way of Tracking App Use?

apple tracking ios apps iphone app tracking ios apps ios apple app tracking

Why Apple came up with a less creepy way of tracking App use

Known as something of a technological control freak, Apple is famed for the rigid nature of the software platforms which it creates for its devices, but could it be ready to relax the reins a little following the news that it is making changes to the use of app tracking on the iPhone and iPad?

Current Tracking Methods

At the moment each Apple device running the iOS platform and thus each user, is endowed with a 40 character Unique Device Identification (UDID) code.

The UDID serves a number of purposes, but it is possible for third-party application developers and Apple itself to track the ways in which specific users harness applications.

This information is incredibly useful as it allows firms to develop software and experiences based on how apps are being used rather than simple guesswork. This adds plenty of value for developers who have to pay a license fee to create software for iOS.

However, from the point of view of the users there is an argument that this kind of tracking is a little bit creepy and invasive. If a firm is aware of precisely what aUDID is doing at all times it will build up a detailed picture of how you are using your iOS gadget. This raises the obvious concern that users’ privacy could be breached.

It is worth pointing out that Apple never officially sanctioned the use of UDIDs in this way, because it gives the impression that developers have free reign over the information provided to them automatically when users access their applications.

CNET notes that Apple did not always enforce its calls for firms to stop tracking usage, which suggests that it was not as interested in protecting user privacy as it might appear on the surface.

Realistic Expectations

The Wall Street Journal reported in early June that Apple is actively seeking to change the UDID system in order to make it easy to deliver app tracking to its developers while still giving users the extra privacy and security that they require to use its devices in confidence.

This news emerged ahead of the World Wide Developers’ Conference 2012, which is one of the major events hosted by Apple each year and is generally used as a launch pad for major products and services.

While iOS 6 was unveiled during the event, the promise of a less stringent and easy-to-track UDID system did not come to fruition.

Apple did not shy away from discussing the UDID complaints held by some, as it said that it would not be allowing apps through its approval process unless the developers confirmed that they would not be tracking users via this method.

Overall, it talked down the importance of UDID and the tracking issues, which means that it could go either way in the future in relation to this topic.

Potential Solutions

Many users were hopeful that Apple would be able to get rid of UDIDs, which in even their most innocuous form could be harnessed by less honorable developers to track and essentially spy on users. While this has not been forthcoming at the time of writing, there are various proposals covering just how Apple might implement an alternative system.

Some believe that Apple could easily create an anonymous user ID, by which individual devices and users would not be identifiable while still giving the company away of differentiating between each of the products which it produces.

As you might imagine, this would ultimately result in developers not being given specific information about those who are downloading and using their apps, thus removing the temptation to misuse this data.

In the end it is necessary for anyone who picks up a connected device to part with some personal information, divulging their usage habits and preferences via the internet to any number of companies. If you read more on high speed internet on the Broadband Expert website, you might discover that even your browser will keep a record of your history, which it is down to you to delete or manage.

Apple is not alone in lacking principles when it comes to privacy, but individuals should be aware of the risks they face and the price they have to pay for using technology.

About the Author:

Roxanne is a blogger and writer who gets behind tech issues associated with the smartphone market and portable computing in general. You can read more on high speed internet on the Broadband Expert website and also get information on breaking industry news through his work.

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June 12 2012

Best Apps for the Perfect Night Out – Guest Post

For an amazing night out there are a few things you need; a great bar, great friends and some great apps (of course). With the growing success of smart phones, more and more people have them and are finding new ways to use them. There are some great apps available for download at the moment ñ all of which can make your night out that bit more amazing, and all the more fun too!

Best mobile Apps Night Out1 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

Best Apps for the Perfect Night Out

1. Taxi App

Taxi app is the perfect app for anyone who can never find a taxi on their way home, or who always spends a fortune taking the black cabs instead. Taxi-app tells you where your nearest taxi firm is located, and evens lets you book one.

 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

2. Mixology

For those who like to be a great create on their nights out ñ this great mixology app will let you tell the bar tender just how you want him to make your drink! You can use it for nights in too of course!

mzl.orlxshhx.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

3. Girls night Out

For all the women reading this article, this app is the perfect companion for planning your big night out! Full of great recommendation and drinking game ideas ñ youíll be the best organiser around!

mzl.ckebetmf.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

4. Brewski Me

In desperate need of a beer, but not sure where youíll find the nearest one? This app will point you in the right direction. Itís so simple and easy to navigate, youíll even be able to use it when youíre drunk tooÖ which is good!

mzl.jzyeuqjm.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

5. Bars and Pubs

Another app dedicated to pointing you in the right direction ñ this app will point you towards the best rated bars, pubs and restaurants in your local area. Perfect for those nights out in unfamiliar cities!

mzl.ajiktmpi.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

6. Instagram

Who doesnít love taking a few photos on a night out? Instagram is a great, nifty little photography app that lets you take great little vintage-inspired images, and then upload to facebook or twitter. These photos can make even the drunkest of nights appear classy and sophisticated!

mzl.xnvocmpt.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

7. Tonight

Bar and restaurants might not be strictly your sceneÖ but not to worry. This app can point you in the direction of live music and live gigs in your city or town ñ complete with band posters and YouTube videos of the acts playing (so you can see if itís up your street).

mzl.eogxhydd.480x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

8. Shazam

Hear a song playing in a club, but not sure who sings it? Hold your phone up to the speaker and wait for this awesome app to tell you exactly who sings it and what it is called! Perfect for those ìIíll remember it tomorrowî (but you never will) moment.

mza 4963734166430706197.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

9. Adult Dares

Going out for a stag or hen party? Or just feeling playful? This app is full of ìadult-daresî that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Just be careful who you try some of them on though! A police man might not be up for giving you a piggy-back!

mzl.qxbgqvyv.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

10. Comic Touch

This app is great for those who like to have something to break the ice with new people. You can take photographs and turn them into mini comic book strips. Itís great for getting the conversation started ñ and they make for some awesome profile pictures the next day!

mzl.vcvkjzwd.320x480 75 social apps mobile apps lifestyle apps iphone apps

About the Author

Jonny D loves nothing more than a night out with friends, and making sure he has all the best apps to make the most of the evening! Jonny currently works for Ladbrokes.

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March 07 2012

Making a Mackbook Pro that Kills Apple’s for $790 Less – Part 2 Installing the Upgraded Components

Adding an SSD Drive and Upgrading your Memory to your Macbook Pro

upgrade macbook pro for hundreds less tutorial part 2 upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple

This is the 2nd article of a 3-part series on Making a Mackbook Pro that Kills Apple’s for $790 Less

Read the entire series:

  1. Buying Your Macbook Pro for Far Less Money
  2. Adding an SSD Drive and Upgrading your Memory to your Macbook Pro
  3. Moving your Mac’s Home Directory to another Hard Drive

Step 1 – Cloning the Hard Drive to the SSD Drive

Now that you have your new Macbook Pro and all of your upgraded components, you are ready to get your hands dirty. You will learn how to replace the hard drive, add a second drive, and replace the memory chips.

Here are the specs before we get started.

specs 1 upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple

specs 2 upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple

Before your install the SSD drive, you’ll need to clone the Operating System from the Hard Drive (boot drive).

  1. Start up your new Mac and install SuperDuper, the FREE backup/cloning software. (Free hard drive cloning software.)
  2. Connect the SSD drive to your computer using a SATA to USB cable upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple . (You can get a Cable for about $15 or a USB External Enclosure upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple $15.)
  3. Make a clone of the entire Hard Drive to the SSD drive using SuperDuper.
    1. SuperDuper Main upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple
  4. Shut your computer down and unplug the power cable.

Video Tutorial – See it in Action

The video tutorial below shows you all of the steps listed above.

Step 2 – Swapping the Hard Drivies

  1. Open your laptop’s case.
    1. Flip it over
    2. Unscrew the 10 screws around the case’s perimiter
    3. Lift off the case bottom
  2. Before you touch anyting, REMOVE THE BATTERY CABLE.
  3. Remove the Hard Drive.
    1. Unscrew the mounting bracket
    2. Remove the SATA cable
  4. Connect the SSD where the Hard Drive used to be.
    1. Reattach the SATA cable.
    2. Place the drive in the empty space.
    3. Screw the mounting bracket back on.
  5. Remove the DVD drive.
    1. Remove the three cables attached and push them back out of the way.
    2. Unscrew the three phillips screws
    3. Unscrew the three torque screws
    4. Pull the DVD drive caddy out.
  6. Place the Hard Drive into the mounting caddy upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple ($15 +/-) and connect it where the DVD was located.
    1. Place the old hard drive into the caddy
    2. Attach it to the SATA adapter
    3. Place the caddy into the empty space
    4. Screw the caddy back down to the case.
    5. Reattach the three cables.

Step 3 – Upgrading the Memory in your Macbook Pro

Now that the drive are in place, you’re ready to install the new memory chips.

  1. Open your laptop’s case.
    1. Flip it over
    2. Unscrew the 10 screws around the case’s perimiter
    3. Lift off the case bottom
  2. Remove the two existing Memory chips.
    1. Pop the clips off the sides of the chips
    2. Gently tilt the chips up on a 45 degree angle.
    3. Slide the chips out of their slots.
  3. Place the two new Memory chips into the empty slots.
    1. Check for the alignment slits.
    2. Gently slide the chips into the empty at a 45 degree angle.
    3. Push them down flat.
    4. Clamp the side clips back down.
  4. Reattach the battery cable.
  5. Close the case back up and Restart the machine.

Video Tutorial – See it in Action

The video tutorial below shows you all of the steps listed above.

Here are the specs when we are done.

specs 4 upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple

specs 5 upgrade mac ram upgrade mac memory upgrad mac hard drive tutorial replace hardware apple

What Should You Do Next?

This is the 2nd article of a 3-part series on Making a Mackbook Pro that Kills Apple’s for $790 Less

Read the entire series:

  1. Buying Your Macbook Pro for Far Less Money
  2. Adding an SSD Drive and Upgrading your Memory to your Macbook Pro
  3. Moving your Mac’s Home Directory to another Hard Drive

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February 23 2012

How the iPad 3 Could Kill All Competitor Tablets For Good – Guest Post

What Killer Features Should be in the Next iPad?

iPad 3 kill competing tablets tablet comparison tables ipad kills competing tablets ipad 3 4g connectivity

Even as the Apple iPad 2 continues to smash all previous sales records, the tech fraternity worldwide is looking forward to the next iteration of Apple’s game changer tablet – the iPad 3. Even though Apple is closely guarding all secrets related to the iPad 3, it hasn’t deterred analysts, technology experts and gadget lovers from speculating about the iPad 3 specs. Here’s how the Apple iPad 3 could kill all competitor tablets for good.

Cut the Entry Price

While the iPad 2 is still unchallenged in the high-end tablet segment, the Amazon Kindle Fire ($199) has been a resounding success story among budget conscious tablet customers. Similarly, HP experienced a revival of fortunes with its Fire sale when it cut down the TouchPad tablet to $99 (16 GB) and $149 (32 GB). If Apple cut launch a low-end variant of the iPad 3 priced around $299, it could pose to be a serious threat to the other tablet manufacturers in the economy segment.

Speculations suggest that Apple could launch multiple iPad 3 models to cover all price segments – from entry-level tablets (competitor to the Kindle Fire, HP TouchPad) to high-end iPad 2-like devices.

Add 4G Connectivity

Given Apple’s focus on latest technology, it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPad 3 supports LTE (Long Term Evolution) – a modern 4G technology. No other manufacturer currently offers a 4G compliant tablet so the LTE-enabled iPad 3 could prove to be a major USP for Apple’s game changer device.

Retina Display

The Retina Display was a key factor in the phenomenal success of the Apple iPhone 4. Therefore, it’s logical that the Cupertino-giant could consider bringing the Retina Display to the Apple iPad 3. The iPad 2 is considered a great device for reading and watching videos and the Retina Display in iPad 3 could further enhance that user experience.

Front-facing HD Camera

Apple has already pioneered the concept of dual camera tablets. If Apple adds a front-facing HD camera to the Apple iPad 3, it would prove to be a killing blow for other tablet manufacturers. Coupled with FaceTime, an iPad 3 featuring a front-facing HD camera would make an irresistible purchase for most users. It would also establish the Apple iPad 3 as a high-resolution video conferencing tool for the enterprise.

Of course, nobody but Apple knows what the iPad 3 will eventually offer. The original Apple iPad was a game changer in itself and it created an altogether new business segment for tablets. It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple goes a step further with the iPad 3 to kill all competitor tablets for good. What do you think?

About the Author

Roger Collings is the Managing Director of RDC Communications Ltd and a telecoms consultant specializing in business VoIP.

January 18 2012

Connect your SmartPhone to Any Device in your Home

Overview: Learn how to connect your smartphone to your computer, television, and DVR.
connect smartphone computer tv

This is the third article in a three part series on Sharing Files Between Any Devices in your Home.

Your Phone is Smarter than You!

More and more people have smartphones with increasing ability to connect to things. You can use a variety of tools to connect your super gadget to your just about everything in your house.

Connect your Computer to your Mobile Phone

Smartphones usually connect to your computer through USB cables. There are many other ways that you can use to get documents, music, pictures, and video to your phone. One of my favorite ways to move files between your computer and phone is DropBox.com. This file sync tool allows you to place any files into a folder and have them go up to the web and back down to any computer. Guess what, it will also allow you to get your files from your phone. See how to Sync Files on Multiple Computers Using DropBox.

You can use Orb.com to install a server on your computer that will allow you to stream your media and documents any internet connected device. You can even get apps for your phone that will make it work beautifully.

  1. Install it on your computer
  2. Log into your account from any device with internet access
  3. Access your media

Here is a full list of supported phones.

Opera Unite is a new feature in Opera’s browser that streams Music, Photos, and Files from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The one catch is that the “viewer” machines need to be running Opera’s browser. That’s not a huge catch now that you can even run it on iPhones. By the way, it’s an awesome mobile browser on just about every phone I have ever seen.

If you just want to stream your music from your computer to your phone there are a few good options:

AudioBox.fm is a service to let you securely store, manage and stream audio files online. If you have an internet connection, you have your music library.

Sockso stream music from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers to any internet connected device.

Connect your Mobile Phone to your Computer FIles

You can actually use your mobile phone to control your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) with a software called VNC. This lets one computer (or phone) view and control another over a Local Area Network or the Internet. You just install the server software on your computer and the viewer software on your phone. Then, you can access view and control your computer right from your phone.

Here are instructions for setting VNC up inside your home network.

Here are instructions on using VNC from outside your home via the internet.

My favorite VNC client for mobile phones is MochaSoft. They have free and paid apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Android. The following video shows you how to set up VNC software on your computer.

Schedule your DVR from your Phone

Everybody loves their DVR, but what happens when you were going to go home to watch TV on a Tuesday, but you get invited to happy hour instead? You didn’t have your DVR set and you don’t want to miss anything. Well, luckily just about every DVR provider lets you schedule recordings over the internet/phone now. Here are some tips on controlling your from your phone. (I got a bunch of the big boys. Just google for yours if it’s mising.)

  1. Comcast iPhone app gets remote DVR control | MacNN

  2. Control Your FiOS DVR From a Phone

  3. Optimum – iO TV - DVR

DIRECTV: DVR Scheduler

TiVo Enables Remote Wireless DVR Control


Send your TV to your Phone

If you are on the road a lot, one of the coolest gadgets in the last few years has to be the Slingbox TV Streamer. You hook up a slingbox to your TV,/Cable Box/DVR combo and stream them over the internet to wherever you may be. Wanna watch your favorite local sports team from Taiwan, no problem. Wanna watch all of your Lost recordings from your DVR in Prague, no problem. They even have SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone and BlackBerry phones.

Extra Credit – Stream your TV to your Phone and Project it Anywhere

If you have one of the computer or TV stream options listed above, you need to grab a Pico Projector. These cell phone sized projects will connect to your phone and project its screen onto a wall. Bam! Portable movie theater.

Wanna make sure that you don’t miss anything?

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January 03 2012

13 Things Smartphones Made Extinct

And Five More Endangered Species

13 things smartphones made extinct

Just a few short years ago smartphones were expensive gadgets that only a few geeks had. Flash forward a few years and it seems like everyone has a smartphone now. This proliferation did not happen without any casualties though. A host of commonplace items came to an untimely demise and the clock in running out on a few more.

Without further ado, here is the list:

PDAs / Palm Pilots – I remember how excited I was to have my address book and calendar with me all the time. Well they’re built right into my phone now, so that beloved business partner has been downsized.

Filofax organizers – If the PDA seems ancient, then the Filofax is downright prehistoric. These were big paper calendars, phone books, to-do lists, and business card holders that powerful business types used to guard with their lives. Well now they are just a few apps on their crackberries.

Little Black Books – See that last two items.

Point & Shoot Cameras – Well, they may not be dead yet, but they’re dropping off pretty quickly. We’re rapidly approaching a world where people have two cameras: a DSLR and their phone. Why would I need a low quality camera when I already have one in my pocket everywhere I go all day long? Plus, my phone can geotag, edit, , SMS, and post my pictures the moment I take them.

Pocket Video Cameras (Flip Camera) – See Point & Shoot Camera.

Calculators – Unless you work in an accounting department, you probably have not used a real calculator in who knows how long.

T9 Text Entry – Remember taking 10 minutes composing a text message? 7-7-7-7, 5-5-5, 6-6-6, 9 spells SLOW. Thank God for QWERTY!

Wallet full of kid pictures – Instead of 4 beat up school pictures I have 1,000 pictures in my phone. Oh yeah, did I forget video?

MP3 Players – iPods – I barely ever use my iPod any more, because I have iTunes, and Pandora on my phone.

CD Players – Blame the MP3 player for this one, but the smartphone just piled on.

Portable GPS Devices (or asking for directions) – Why would you buy some clunky device when you already have a GPS device that is connected to your Address Book and Google at the same time?

Instant Messenger – I blame texting, Twitter and Facebook on the demise of the instant messaging, but let’s face it, a lot of that takes place on phones any way. The smartphone may not be the culprit, but it’s definitely and accessory to the crime.

One Foot on a Banana Peel

The rest of the list was probably killed by all cell phones, but smartphones are driving the last nail in the coffins.

Landline phones – With our mobile phones become more and more entrenched in our lives, the added expense and limited utility of a landline phone makes less and less sense each day.

Pagers – Not sure who exactly killed this, but the demise of pagers and rise of smartphones have a pretty close proximity.

Endangered Species:

There area few other items that are still hanging on, but may disappear in the next 3 to 5 years too.

Hand-held gaming devices (Nintendo DS and Sony PSP) – Gaming on the smartphone platforms gets better and better every day. This seems like something that smartphones will easily replace.

Paper Books and Magazines – These will probably be canabalized more by tablets than smartphones, but they’re in danger.

Physical Credit Cards – Do I really need to carry around eight plastic cards that do noting more that store a 16 digit account number? Add your supermarket cards to this too.

Keys – Well, car keys any way. Within a few years every new car sold in America will at least have the option of being unlocked and started from a phone app.

Remote Controls – This just seems like a job for a far more capable device.

What did I Miss?

If you think I was off the mark on any of these or left out some things, add your two cents in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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December 22 2011

12 Technology Innovations I want to see in 2012

Where is my Flying Car?

12 Technology Innovations I want to see in 2012

As 2011 comes to a close and I’ve been reading all of these “The Year in Technology” round-ups. There were a few nice innovations, I still have a few things on my wish list. Believe it or not, most of them are not of the flying cars ilk; rather the why doesn’t this exist yet variety.

2012 Technology Wish List

Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Smartphone batteries that stay charged for a week
  • Laptop batteries that stay charged for a full work day (10 HOURS)
  • Facetime phone calls to work without wi-fi (It’s a freakin’ mobile phone!)
  • All of these “Cloud” storage services to give a reasonable amount of data. (No, 2-5 gigs doesn’t cut it!)
  • Evernote to get some calendar/scheduling capabilities (Do I really need a separate To Do app?)
  • A true internet TV (Apple’s polish, with Google’s flexiblity, and a Logitech remote)
  • Wireless cable boxes
  • A Macbook Air with a convertible/removable keyboard that runs an iPad emulator
  • Webcams and microphones built into TVs (Sofa Skype anyone?)
  • A car stereo that syncs with iTunes over wi-fi when it’s parked in my Garage
  • For people to stop acting like “The Cloud” is anything more than the same old servers we’ve been using for decades with a fancy new buzzworthy name.
  • A legitimate residential broadband service that is not the Phone or Cable company.
  • The New York Mets to get bought by an owner with a budget and a clue. (Not technlogy, but I thought Santa might be reading this.)

That’s it. Not that much to ask, right?

Enough about me, what technological innovations would YOU like to see in 2012? Leave your wishlist in the comments below.

Happy New Year!!!

December 10 2011

How to Prevent Windows 7 From Using So Much Memory – Guest Post

Save some Memory and Speed up your Computer

GOAL: Learn a few helpful tips to stop Windows 7 from using too much memory and speed up your computer.

Prevent windows using memory

The Windows 7 browser, installed on many computers, has features slightly different from its past counterparts. If you think that your computer has slowed down after installing windows 7, you need to fix the problem. Firstly, use the control + shift + escape key to find out how much space windows takes up on your computer. All tasks carried out on your computer are retained in the physical memory called RAM, every open and running program takes up some space on it. Even Windows 7 uses RAM to store and run its programs. Here are a few pointers that can help you decrease the load on your RAM.

1. Superfetch

Certain programs are used regularly on our desktops; these are prerecorded in the memory by windows 7. So, next time when you give a command to run the program, windows does not spend time loading it. But this immediate access comes at a cost. This function called superftech takes up some of your RAM space. If you have a system with more than 2 GB of RAM, then you don’t have anything to worry, but any lesser means that superfetch is slowing down other functions running on your workstation. So, think about disabling this function, if you want to decrease the load on your physical memory. The method to disable this function is quite simple. Go to start, then control panel, and here make the ‘System and Security’ selection. Then, in Administrative tools, select ‘Services’ after which locate the superfetch program. Right click on the program and in the properties tab, click on disabled, then on the ’Stop’ button and lastly select ‘OK’.

Video Tutorial – Disable Superfetch

2. Disable Windows Aero

Right click on the desktop and choose the advanced system settings, then select the advanced tab. Under the performance tab, choose setting and here make the ‘adjust for best performance’ selection. This will do the trick and windows aero will come to a halt.

Video Tutorial – Disable Aero

3. Programs

There are some programs that can cause a memory leak from your machine. For this, it is essential to know which programs are using up more RAM. To do this, just run one program at a time, and check their memory usage in the task manager by selecting the control + shift + escape keys. This way you will know how much space each program requires.

4. Virus

Many bugs can slow down and affect your physical memory usage. Troubleshoot, detect and eliminate viruses from your desktop machine. Signs that you have a malicious virus on your machine are a noisy hard disk, unexpected pop ups, programs that start on their own and a slower than usual PC. Install antivirus and antispyware programs and run them periodically.

Wrap up

Ram is essential on any PC, and to keep your machine running smoothly with Windows 7, remembers these vital details. Windows 7 uses about 1 gigabyte of memory on your machine. But, if you have a 2 GB memory then it will run faster, and on a 3 GB machine it performance will pep up further. Another good way out, is to use storage devices to boost up your computers speed. Using Windows Experience Index, keep a track of your computers speed.

About the Author

Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of handbags. She recently bought a bag from Guess Handbags latest collection. These days she is busy in witting an article on Swarovski Binoculars.

December 02 2011

Electronics Gadgets Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Make all of the gadget lovers in your life happy this year

Overview: This is the big list of Electronics and Gadgets Christmas gift suggestions. Find the perfect Christmas present for any techie, geek, or nerd in a variety of categories in every price range.

Best Electronics and Gadets Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gift Gadgets by Category

This list of gift ideas is separated by categories. There is an approximate price next to each gift to help you find the one that fits your budget.


Electronics can usually steal the show on any Christmas morning. Besides the fact that they are so cool and fun, setting them up also fills that dead time between unwrapping presents and waiting for food. There a lots of cool electronic gadgets available in any price range for the techie in your life.

Powermat Wireless Charging Device All of those gadgets in our life make quite a mess with their chargers. Well why not ditch them all? The Powermat Wireless Charger allows you to just drop your devices onto a pad and have them charge without hooking up any wires.

Price: $125

Kindle EBook Reader Know someone who loves to read? Are they a commuter? Well the Amazon Kindle is the perfect gift. They can carry tons of books, magazines, and newspapers in their pocket.

Price: $250

Super Portable Pico Projector Want to share your pictures and movies on the go? Then you need a Pico projector. These cell phone sized projectors can display images and videos from your computer, camera, iPod or other device anywhere.

Price: $299


Let the audiophile in your life do more than ever before with their music. Here is a range of music products that will let you take your music with you or spread it around your house.

Apple iPod nano with Video Camera This super tiny iPod now has a really good video camera built into it. So now, not only can you take your music, pictures, and movies with you, you can capture new movies too.

Price: $135

Roku SoundBridge Music Streaming System The Roku Sound Bridge will allow that special someone to stream the music from their computer, pandora, or internet radio stations wirelessly to the bathroom, basement, garage or back yard.

Price: $165

Photo and Video Devices

Everybody loves pictures and videos. The latest crop of devices allow you to capture, create, display, and share your memories like never before. Here is a range of cool gift ideas for beginners through experts in just about any price range.

Eye-Fi Share 2 GB Wi-Fi SD Memory Card This two-in-one miracle goes in your camera and stores all of the photos that you take. After that, it can wirelessly send them back to your computer or up to the web using wi-fi.

Price: $69

Digital Photo Frame After taking thousands and thousands of pictures, why not show them off? A digital photo frame allows the photographer in your life to proudly display a collection of their favorite images.

Price: $50 – $100

Flip Ultra HD Camcorder The best way to capture videos is to have a camera with you. With the size of the Flip UltraHD Camcorder, you can carry it with you at all times. The video quality is very good and the user experience is so simple you won’t believe it.

Price: $175

Canon Powershot SD780 Do you know someone who needs an incredibly good and incredibly small point and shoot camera? Well look no further than the Canon Powershot SD780. This thing is like a chubby credit card that shoots great pictures and sharp video.

Price: $199

Canon PowerShot G11 Maybe your nerd has outgrown their tiny point and shoot camera, but still wants something that they can take with them. The Canon G11 has most of the quality and features of a DSLR at a fraction of the size. It allows fully manual control and has a mount for a good flash attachment.

Price: $449

Canon Digital Rebel DSLR Do you have a serious photo buff on your gift list? Well they’re probably ready to move up to a Digital SLR. The Canon Rebel is the most affordable way to get into a DSLR. Great quality and usability all in one.

Price: $575

Canon VIXIA HG21 Camcorder If your Martin Scorsese needs a little more quality and control than a Flip camcorder, than you might want to look at one of the mid-range Canon camcorders. They have powerful zoom lenses and great quality without breaking the bank.

Price: $699

Video Games and Toys

2009 has not been a huge year in video gaming innovations. No new consoles, not many blockbuster new games either. My suggestions for the gamer in your life cover some old reliables. These are all great additions to the video gaming arsenal for any household. Plus, with the growing capabilities for playing, or streaming music, photos, and videos, you’ll get more action than just blowing up aliens.

Remote Control Helicopter All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. A remote control helicopter will help relieve the stress of crunching all those boring old numbers

Price: $25

CALL OF DUTY 4:MODERN WARFARE Sometime you just want to blow something up. Call of Duty will let you get your frustrations out in a safe and fun way.

Price: $45

Rock Band Game Let’s face it, all geeks and nerds want to be rock stars. Well this will let them, if only for a few hours. Jam out with groups of friends and family members.

Price: $99

Nintendo Wii Console Nintendo Wii is great for family members from 2 to 102. No other system will provide more hours of fun for everyone.

Price: $150

Xbox 360 Console Microsoft Xbox 360 provides hours of gaming and entertainment options.

Price: $199

PlayStation 3 Console Video games, streaming media, BlueRay DVD movies, what more could you want from a home entertainment console?

Price: $299

Computers and Accessories

Who couldn’t use a new computer? How about an additional inexpensive one for the household? What if your gift recipient already has a computer? Then you can grab them the perfect accessory or upgrade to help them get the most out of it.

Pink Tranquility Laptop Bag Just because they’re carrying computers doesn’t mean that women want their laptop bag to look ugly. Pick up a stylish, feminine laptop bag for the lady geek.

Price: $25

Targus Netbook Case Wrap up that new netbook in style. Let a fancy new bag add some sheik to that geek.

Price: $25

CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Carry all of your files around with you. Portable Flash Drives serve 101 different uses.

Price: $25

CORSAIR Flash Voyager 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Image

Kingston 8GB USB Flash Drive Carry all of your files around with you. Portable Flash Drives serve 101 different uses.

Price: $45

Griffin PowerMate/USB Multimedia Controller This USB device allows you to control aspects of just about any program by turning the know or pressing down on it. Aside from providing a unique user control capability, it just looks amazing on any desk.

Price: $45

STM Bags Small Loft Laptop Bag (Chocolate/Orange) Just because we’re men doesn’t mean that we want to carry our computers around in ugly bags. Why not spruce the place up with a cool, stylish laptop bag.

Price: $55

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Any computer can be improved by adding a solid keyboard and mouse. After all these are the two things that you touch all day long.

Price: $79

Memory Upgrade If you know someone with a computer, you know someone who wishes it were faster. Help them speed up their machine with a memory upgrade.

Price: $

Memory Upgrade

Once You Know, You Newegg

Logitech diNovo Keyboard and Mouse Combo Want to add killer form and function to your desk, get a high-end keyboard and mouse setup. Your fingers and eyes will thank you.

Price: $299

Super Portable Netbook Computer Have a student or globetrotter in your life? Why not get them a tiny, but powerful computer that can go anywhere and do anything that they need?

Price: $300 – $400


As soon as you get a healthy collection of electronics and gadgets, you know what comes next. You have to assemble everything. Then what? That’s right, something breaks. Well, here are some super cool and valuable tools to keep your electronic empire humming along smoothly.

Leatherman 830146 Core Pocket Multi-Tool The ultimate do-everything tool for any geek. A Leatherman tool will allow you to fix, build, or disassemble anything.

Price: $49

Television Watching

Some of the coolest tech gadgets to come out this year revolve around extending your television viewing. Want to get your media from your computer to your TV? Easy! Want to stream online video from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube to your TV? Done! Set your geek free from the whims of the cable company with one of these awesome TV extenders.

Roku HD Player Media Streamer The Netflix Media Streamer hooks up to the TV and allows you to click and watch streaming Netflix movies instantly. No more waiting around for your new disks to arrive.

Price: $100

Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player Hook the WD TV to your television and plug in a USB drive with music, photos and videos and you have a great home theater. The WD TV allows you to stream your media right onto that huge, beautiful TV and get out of the computer room.

Price: $99

Apple TV with 160GB Hard Drive This is probably the most simple way to get all of your music, photos, and movies onto your TV. If it’s in your iTunes Library, then you can have it on your TV in a snap.

Price: $229

Slingbox TV Streamer If your geek is on the road a lot, why not let them watch their favorite TV show and Sports teams from anywhere. The Slingbox will stream their home TV and DVR to them over the internet or 3G phone.

Price: $275

Other Resources for Saving Big on the Perfect Christmas Gift

Don’t See something you like here? Well here are some places that you can find really great deals on electronics and gadgets.

Save a Fortune at Amazon.com

Amazon has an product line that goes on forever. There is always something on super-terrific clearance sale. You can find giant discounts on products at Amazon.com. The links below list products that are at least 75% OFF in their respective categories.

75% Off Books

75% Off Cameras and Accessories

75% Off Computers and Accessories

75% Off Video Games

75% Off Electronics and Gadgets

Find the Best Selection of Computer Gear at NewEgg.com

My absolute favorite place to find the best prices on computer and electronics is Newegg.com. They have tons of great deals every day.

Once You Know, You Newegg

Get Great Deals on Macs and their Accessories

MacMall and ClubMac have a lot of deals on Macs, iPods, and other gear.

Apple Sale

ClubMac - The Online Mac SuperStore

Get the Absolute Best Prices on Cables and Accessories

MonoPrice.com has the best prices on cables for everything. Seriously, I got a good HDMI cable and a mini-display port to DVI cable for $15 with tax and shipping included. NEVER buy your cables from Bestbuy!

If you are looking for other arrangements of electronics and gadgets Christmas gift suggestions take a look at one of these other lists.

Complete Electronics Gadget Christmas Gift Buying Guide

Best Chrismas Tech Gadgets for Women

Best Chrismas Tech Gadgets for Men

Find the Best Christmas Gadget in Any Price Range

November 19 2011

Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Technology, Both Inside and Out

Top 10 Ways to Customize Your Technology, Both Inside and Out

October 17 2011

Internet TV in 2011 – Guest Post

Internet TV 2011

There was a time when everyone in the family fought for the remote control to watch their favorite show because if missed they would hardly get another chance to watch it. Internet was a substitute for passing time then and the concept of internet TV was not as common or affordable for everyone. But when everyone got hold of desktop computers and laptops they began watching videos on the net and there was no one left to sit in front of the TV except the grandparents or youngest members of the family.

According to surveys, internet TV is most popular among the youth because of the options and flexibility it offers. For both the genders, for mom and dad and for grandma and grandpa, there isn’t one thing that is not available on internet TV. If one does not have an allowance for a Linkin Park concert, internet TV will surely not let them miss it.

With its increasing success, companies introduced smart TVs that connect to the internet and one can watch anything on it the way they do on their PCs. Television sets that run through the internet will give families a chance to sit and watch shows of their choice together. As the younger generation today prefers more privacy and wants everything of their own, they find freedom in the changing face of internet TV. From classroom projects to selecting an appropriate makeover for the prom, all the information is available online.

Information available is still the same, only the mediums keep on changing since in every era a new mode of technology is available for its present generation. In the previous times people used to have one tool and more than one user. For instance a newspaper was read by more than one person of the house, a radio came in use for more than just one person. But now everyone has their own separate internet TV, people just select their own medium, whether they prefer to watch it on their desktop, on a laptop or on their cell phone.

Technology brings a new gift for every generation, this time it’s something even beyond the expectations of the new generation. The intention of internet TV is not to kill other mediums of watching programs, but instead providing users with another option.

During the time when internet TV managed to tighten its grip on the market, many other options in the television category were introduced. Satellite dish users had the option to record their favorite shows and watch them later, but even there the access and the number of shows that could be recorded was limited.

With internet TV one does not need to record or even download anymore. Just type in what you’re looking for and you’ll get countless options, click and watch. All one will need is a good internet connection, which is no feat anymore. Even a common man can afford an internet connection that will work while watching their favorite show.

About the Author

The article is contributed by Calvin Scott. Calvin is tech blogger and loves to write review on expensive gadgets. Visit his site for kpn interactieve tv and interactieve tv hd.

September 22 2011

Samsung Galaxy R vs. Galaxy S2 – Guest Post

Android Smartphone Shootout

Samsung galaxy s2 vs galaxy R

The Samsung Galaxy R is a slightly subdued version of the Galaxy SII powerhouse. It offers a pretty similar experience but at a cheaper price. So, what is the Galaxy R missing out on that was found on the Galaxy SII?

The Galaxy R bears a large resemblance to the SII. It has a similar shape and home button and is similarly a very slim phone at only 9.3mm thick. The device is also well built and has a lovely feel in the hand, though it has a slightly smaller screen, a 4.19 inch compared to 4.3inches of the SII.

This all bodes well for the new device and it looks and feels great. Inside it has a 1GHz dual core processor, slightly smaller than the 1.2GHz dual core processor of the Galaxy SII, though virtually just as capable as the more expensive phone. Like the SII the Galaxy R does not encounter much that really pushes this processor to its full potential, let alone beyond it.

The phone’s screen as we said is smaller; it is also a different make of screen from the almost phenomenal Super AMOLED Plus of the SII. The Galaxy R has a Super Clear LCD with a digital natural image engine, the same as is used in the company’s TVs. This screen is excellent for all forms of media as well as browsing. Perhaps not as vibrant as the SAMOLED+, it at least fares better in sunlight.

Both phones have the Android Gingerbread operating system and both include the TouchWiz user interface which is an excellent one with some very innovative things such as tilt to zoom and the like. This is all very nice to use and the Galaxy R utilises the hardware to the best of its abilities.

The two phones also have the choice of up to 32GB of memory via an SD card. They both have 8GB when purchased, though the increase in memory is a necessity for those who wish to make the most of the phones.

The Galaxy SII has a large 8mp camera capable of 1080p shooting, the Galaxy R has a 720p 5mp camera that is nearly as good and it is still very suitable for use as a camera and has all the software needed to customise photos and the like.

The Galaxy SII also has a slightly better battery and much of this is to do with the screen, the Super AMOLED Plus is that bit better for use with the battery and gives bout 10 per cent more time for usage.

Overall the phone is a great one, though slightly lesser in spec it still manages to be an excellent device and one that is one of the best out there. Even though the Galaxy R saves a bit of production cost with the screen, battery and camera it is still almost indistinguishable from the highly popular Galaxy SII in terms of looks and usability.

About the Author

Simon Drew writes for Best Mobile Contracts a UK based mobile phone website.

August 24 2011

4G Internet Service Providers Comparison – Guest Post

4g carrier comparison

The United States is now the land of the 4G, and the competition to win over the smartphone customer has begun. The four major 4g internet service providers are investing billions into their infrastructure and the advertising to bring the world’s attention to it. Unfortunately for the consumer, this means that it can be tough to wade through the advertisements and find the facts. Here are some of the basics of what 4G actually is and a comparison between the top four companies that are currently offering it to the United States.

4G Standards

4g data providersThe ITU, or International Telecommunications Union, set about standardizing some of the specs and phrases used to describe wireless communications beginning with 1G in1980. The general rules behind each G, or generation, of wireless standards involve upload and download speeds in high mobility and low mobility scenarios. As of 2011, 4G is the most recent generation of telecommunications and rated at 100 Megabit per second for high mobility communication,such as in a moving vehicle, and 1 Gbit per second for stationary usage.For anyone that has looked at any of the top wireless internet service providers‘ speeds, no one actually meets these numbers. Even though their service and phones do not actually hit 4G speeds, they are still a dramatic leap up from 3G speeds.

Three Types of 4G

Between the four major carriers, there are three forms of 4G networks. AT&T and T-Mobile run on an HSPA+ network, Sprint utilizes WiMAX, and Verizon finishes up with LTE technology. With all the acronyms out of the way, every potential customer will inevitably be curious about which company is the fastest. While real world speeds will be highly dependent on location, they do have base speeds while within the 4G network.


AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile each have download speeds that range between 2.15 and 2.83Mbps. They also each have upload speeds which range from .61 and 1 Mbps. Verizon is the clear winner in this area as their speeds push well past 6 Mbps upload speeds and 5 Mbps upload speeds. In most major cities, Verizon consistently downloads two to three times faster than any other provider.


These speeds cannot be achieved if a customer is not in a provider’s network though. This means that the single most important factor before making a choice on a 4G network is location. There are two ways to determine a provider’s area of coverage, the 4G network andWiFi hotspots. Hotspots have become a major selling point as it allows customers an ultra-fast alternative to the 4G network without using up data from a data plan. AT&T offers about30,000 hotspots, Verizon about 15,000, T-Mobile about 4000, and Sprint has none.When it comes to actual 4G coverage, it is generally counted by how many major cities have a 4G network. AT&T 4G is offered in 11 cities, Sprint in 82, Verizon in 45, and T-Mobile in100 cities (as of July 2011). By the end of 2011, most of these service providers are hoping to offer 4G coverage in as many as 300 to 400 cities, with Verizon claiming full nationwide coverage by 2013.


How about the price of 4G? There are almost too many variables to account for in this area,but there are a few basic numbers to go by. $50 is the average price for a basic 5 GB plan.From there, each plan scales up according to usage, with unlimited plans hovering around $110 for each of the four companies. For anyone that is looking to enter into the world of 4G, it is imperative to keep these three features in mind. The ideal company for any customer is the one that provides for the best speeds in their area at a competitive price. While advertisements may make these choices appear black and white, a little information about their services may turn the 4G war a few shades of gray.

About the Author

Broadbandexpert logo

Blake Sanders writes tech at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert and specializes in internet service providers, cell phones, and the latest in high speed internet news and information.

Note: Photo courtesy of agroffman via FlickR Creative Commons.

August 22 2011

Microsoft Movement: Taking Over VOIP – Guest Post

Skype microsoft merger analysis

When people hear about Microsoft they often think about a company that has reached heights no other corporation has ever been able to reach. Others think about the mishaps that happened with Microsoft in the past. There will always be admirers and haters in this world of modern technology.

Microsoft was a late-comer when Skype was discussing a sale of their VOIP product as they were one of the last ones to show up. That’s when Microsoft slammed 8.5 billion dollars on the table and walked away with a new purchase.

What does this mean to the world of VOIP? Does this mean that Microsoft is going to end up taking over the world of VOIP as we know it? Let’s take a look at what Microsoft plans on doing and how Skype is going to change under this new ownership.

What Microsoft Received In the Purchase of Skype

Microsoft Skype deal

Over the years, Skype built a mobile empire consisting of over 663 million users around the world. About 145 million are active users and 8.8 million are customers that pay for the VOIP services that Skype has to offer.

This is a pretty enormous achievement for any company in the VOIP market to accomplish. What this means is that Microsoft has purchased a great amount of users unlocking many opportunities for them in the business world. Whether or not they’ll use this to their advantage is something that’s still waiting to be seen, but the odds are that this is going to be a great addition for the folks over at Microsoft.

This Provides Microsoft with a Gateway to the Mobile world

Skype has proven to be an asset in the world of mobile communications. It’s no secret that Microsoft needed a solution to going mobile and integrating the VOIP service into some of their other products. Skype provided them with this exact opportunity which makes it a great fit for the Microsoft lineup.

You can think of this being the red carpet that Microsoft needed to enter the mobile world.

It’s Microsoft’s Turn to Attempt Mobile Domination

The reason this is being said is that Microsoft can either make or break themselves in this movement. They have the same team on board that developed Skype into one of the most popular real-time communication tools in the world. They can either use this opportunity wisely or they could lack the moves to dominate the mobile space and fall into the mud face first.

The demand is definitely here as well. Not only does the Skype user base host big numbers, but more and more people are going mobile with their fancy new smart phones and tablet devices. This could be an enormous move in the mobile world for Microsoft if they play their cards right.

The Windows Phone 7 Is Just One Way That Microsoft Can Win

Apple and Google both need some competition in the market and Microsoft happens to be a company that can earn their presence as well. They’ve already dived into the search engine business, gaming business, and software business head first. Now they need a chance to enter the market with a product that can actually compete with what their competitors that have already started building and implementing.

Microsoft has never attempted to be left behind from the start. Future integration of Skype from different websites is next to possible with an ease of transmitting information from website’s dedicated servers to different clients accessing the site. Partnered with Nokia they can use Skype as an addition to add some leverage to their side in the mobile market. They can even use this opportunity to help them out with the future version releases of the new Windows mobile operating system.

Microsoft Has Teamed Up With Facebook for an Epic Integration

Google has already revealed that they’ll be hitting the streets with Google+ which will compete with Facebook in the world of social networking. One of the most beneficial traits of this new social media site was that it introduced Hangouts where users can use video conferencing to connect with those in their network.

This could have been a devastating blow to Facebook, but Microsoft has agreed to do a Skype integration which will help Facebook maintain their competitive edge in the industry. Facebook already has just about everyone on their site using it which provides Microsoft with a great opportunity to reach even more users around the world with their new acquisition.

The simplicity is something that Facebook boasts about this new addition to their site. You’ll be able to easily use real-time communication to stay in touch with your friends and family that use Facebook.

Microsoft Products Will Support Skype

Skype microsoft

You knew that Microsoft couldn’t forget about integrating Skype into a variety of their other services. Everyone can now be expecting to see Skype integrated into the Microsoft solutions below.

  • Lync
  • Outlook
  • Messenger
  • Hotmail
  • Xbox
  • More Windows Devices to Be Announced

Does this mean that other platforms that aren’t Microsoft will become obsolete as far as Skype is concerned?

This would be a disaster but it’s not going to happen. Plans are still going to continue to assure that Skype is compatible with other platforms as well. If your mobile operating system is compatible with Skype now, it will continue to be in the future as well.

This goes to show that they do care about everyone, not just the ones that purchase their products.

About the Author:

Webhostingsearch logo

Zac Kenni is a business developer and a senior writer from a trusted hosting reviews company. Webhostingsearch.com, the best provider of hosting reviews and web development resource. Rates web hosting services through a collaboration of thorough research and data analysis, performance and user feedback.

August 19 2011

Technology for Health and Wellbeing – Guest Post

Technology Health Wellbeing

There is almost no blend of two fields as perfect as health and technology. Each and every year, exciting new breakthroughs come to light that are saving lives and leading to the better wellbeing of all. On top of this, these devices are becoming more readily available to the population has a whole. Here are 5 of the top technology products for health and wellbeing that are transforming how humans live from day-to-day.

Philips HeartStart Home AED Defibrillator

Phillips heartstart defibrillator

The defibrillator is generally seen as a complex and daunting piece of machinery that brings the body back to life in movies and on TV. Luckily, Philips has finally made this amazing piece technology available for home usage. A calm voice will notify the user of where to place the pads, when to depress the buttons, and even verbally coach individuals through the steps of CPR.

Allegro Body Composition Scale

While the body composition scale does not share the same glorified position in media as the defibrillator, it is still saving lives. This piece of technology is small enough to be slid under a bed or into a closet and will keep track of body fat percentage, body water percentage, muscle percentage, and weight.

Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

It may not be time to throw away those toothbrushes and floss, but Hydro Floss’Oral Irrigator has become one of the most dramatic leaps forward in oral hygiene products. This easy-to-use device uses patented technology to pulse water throughout the mouth. It can be directed anywhere in the mouth to remove plaque and other bacteria where traditional toothbrushes cannot reach. It is also a perfect choice for those with braces, implants, sensitive gums, and other periodontal problems.

Tersano Lotus Sanitizing System

While many children are taught the mantra of washing their fruits and vegetables before they eat them, very few individuals actually do. This means that any bacteria or other particles that have touched the produce from harvesting to the dinner table will be ingested. This simple system utilized ozone particles instead of chlorine to kill microbes, mildews, and mould.

The Smartphone


Last but not least is the basic smartphone. While many are using them to surf the Internet or play games to pass the time, it is in fact one of the most powerful tools for health and wellbeing. Thousands of apps have recently been developed that are geared towards a healthy lifestyle. Smartphone owners will be able to do

everything from regulate their diet to count how many calories they are burning each day to setup a custom workout plan.

About the Author

Becky Mackay is a Manchester based copywriter with a keen interest in health,technology and wellbeing. Her Twitter page can be found @FreshHealth11

June 22 2011

Smartphones Need Less Features and More Battery Life

Forget Flying Cars – I Just Want a Better Battery

Smartphone battery life

Every year Apple and their competitors seem to make our smartphones better; right? What they mean by “better” is the typical:

  • More powerful processor
  • Bigger, brighter touchscreen
  • More megapixels on the camera
  • More memory and storage
  • Thinner and lighter bodies

This is all well and good, but they still only hold a charge for little more than a day. Seriously, I use an iPhone 4 (AT&T) and I have a charger in my home office, night stand, and by the front door. If it only ended there. I have a double charger in my car and my wife’s (Palm Pixi) for when we are on the road. Then, when I get to work, I have another one on my desk. To bastardize a quote from Dirty Harry:

I know what you’re thinking. “Did he fire say six shots chargers or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum an iPhone 4, the most powerful handgun power-hungry smartphone in the world, and would blow your head drain your battery clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Terrible, I know. And it was 6 if you’re counting. Six chargers!

There is some debate over what exactly was the “First” smartphone, but I’ll give it to either the Palm  Treo or (Samsung) Windows Mobile phones from 2003 (my apologies to BlackBerry and Symbian fans). They were big ugly bricks that handled voice, email, calendaring, contacts, internet, apps and computer syncing. The advances in size, weight, power, apps, and screens over those 8 years is just amazing. However, those old bricks actually had a battery life was barely worse than today’s iOS or Android phones.

How is it that we can all have these $200 supercomputers in our pockets, but we still have to be enslaved to our chargers. Don’t believe me? The next time you are going away for ONE NIGHT, just try leaving your charger at home. You’re sweating right now, aren’t you?

The next iPhone (or Droid) will undoubtedly be faster, thinner, and lighter than ever and I promise I will not be rushing to buy one.

However, if it comes out with the same processor, screen, OS, and memory, BUT, has a batter that lasts five times as long. Well, then I’ll be camping out like those idiots that we all laugh at.

That thing is thin enough already! If they get new components that are ridiculously smaller, they should keep the phone the same size and jam 5 more batteries into the empty space. Maybe then, I can go out to dinner without asking for a table next to an outlet.

How come I have to settle for a miracle of modern technology that only has a one day battery? Why is smartphone battery life so pitiful?

What do you think?

What’s more important to you; features or battery life?

What would you like to see most in your next Smartphone?Market Research

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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January 15 2011

Why is the Cable Company Still Drilling Holes in My Walls?

Where is my Wireless Television Router?

wireless cable tv router

Another Aggravating Conundrum

Did you ever buy a wireless router? You plug it into the wall and your cable modem and you’re done. Computer in the living room – no wires, no problem. Computer in all three bedrooms – no wires, no problem. Connect your video game console to the web – no wires, no problem.

Strange, because wifi, let alone game consoles, has only been around for a very short time. Compare that to Television. People have been beaming video through hundreds of miles of air for SEVEN DECADES. It’s a pretty simple thing, a transmitter beams the information out and a receiver captures the information and displays it on a screen.

Why then do I have to take a full day off from work and sit in my house while some goon drills holes through my new oak floors, freshly painted walls and staples an ugly white cable along my baseboards? All this to get a video signal from the hole in my baseball wall to my TVs a mere 10 to 20 feet away.

Where is the wireless TV router that works as well as my internet router? There should be a simple device that sits in one room of my house and connects to the cable coming in from the street. Then, I just get a wireless cable box that gets attached to each set in my house. That’s it, nothing else. No more coaxial cable running through my living room. No more 5 hour installations, no more holes drilled into my damn house. Is that too much to ask. Now, if I want to move the TV from one side of the living room to the other, I don’t need to call a contractor.

Is that too much to ask?

What are Your Thoughts?

I would love to hear what you think about this perplexing hassle. Does anybody have any ideas or solutions?

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August 24 2010

Kevin Rose is Wrong Again – iTV will not Kill Cable Television

Kevin Rose (Digg.com Founder) recently published a post on his blog where he “broke” the news of the next itteration of the Apple TV device as iTV.

He went on to gush about how incredible his majesty at Apple has made it. The new iTV is supposed to be the biggest game changer in the living room since the invention of the color television. He also says that it will spell the sudden “Death of Cable TV”.

Oh Reaaaaaly?

  1. First, let’s start with Kevin Rose’s credibility regarding Apple commentary and predictions.
  2. Does anybody else see him as an overly biased Apple fanboy/appologist?
  3. Wow, he got Copy and Paste and iPod Nano right. Only every single writer in the world was begging for this. I’m shocked that Apple decided to address their biggest feature omission. There is a leaked Apple product published every hour. Somebody is bound to get one right.

Will iTV OWN the Living Room?

First of all, there have been a handful of half-baked products fumbling around in this space for a while now. None of them have exactly distinguished themselves. I think that it will be the best attempt yet at a living room media center. That being said, Apple’s ridiculous Nazis Lawyers will probably cripple it into being not that awesome. That being said, I hope that it is cool enough to force Microsoft and Sony to kick their consoles into high gear.

Is iTV or Anyting Else Poised to KILL Cable TV?

Don’t be so fast to cut your cable bill. Who do you think you’re going to get your broadband from? That’s right, the Cable and Phone company. Maybe you will be able to do that, but your broadband bill will go up to $100/month. They own the TV and Internet, do you think that they are going to give up their cash cow and let you have it’s replacement for nothing? I live in the New York Metropolitan area and the three broadband options avaiable are FIOS, Cablevision (Optimum Online) and Comcast. Each of their standalone broadband products START at $50 per month. Then throw in the cost of an iTV ($99), iTunes downloads, Hulu Pro, Netflix, Amazon On-Demand, and other services and where are you? Right up around the price of Cable. Plus, you have to buy, configure, search for, and download this half-assed new TV replacement on your own. Yeah, my parents and their friends should all be super psyched to do all of that.

More likely, you will probably see them finally start to offer A La Carte channel purchasing.

Broadband Providers do not have the bandwidth to simultaneously stream American Idol to every house on your block in High Definition. Despite all of the articles that you read on these tech blogs, broadband companies will not have the necessary bandwidth for a while either. (Think 5 years or so.)

Ask yourself this: “Has a YouTube video stuttered or paused on my this week?” Exactly, and they’re the BEST at streaming video. And a lot of it is not in HD.

Other Factors

Despite everybody’s complaining, Cable, Sattelite, and Fiber TV actually works. You turn on the TV and pick from tons of channels of video that instantly and flawelessly flow into your house. If you turn on 5 TVs in your house, they still all work fine. Try that over broadband.

The devil you know. Everybody I know already has their TV solution in place. Most people don’t dump something that they know for something that they don’t know. Especially if the thing they already have pretty much works. Think about it: are your parents going to ditch cable for a media pc, Apple TV, Google TV, or Roku player? No, mine neither.

What Could Prove Me Wrong?

The one thing that could make this more feasible is if other providers get into the residential broadband delivery game.

Cell Phone Companies – Verizon and AT&T keep beefing up their 3G networks, but I’m thinking that they need to be more like 11G. Sprint could also be a player with their much ballyhooed and troubled WiMax rollout. Tmobile – nevermind.

Sattelite Providers – If these clowns ever figure out how to use their base of installed hardware to transmit realistic broadband signals up and down, they might be players.

Dark Horse Candidates

Teir 1 Internet Service Providers – There area a handful of companies that actually carry all of the internet traffic over long distances. Think of them as the Interstate Highways that deliver traffic between the neighborhoods that your ISP (Level 2 or lower) serves.

Here are the major players: AT&T, Cogent, Level3, NTT, Qwest, Savvis, SBC, Sprint, Verizon, and XO

Some of these player “could” trow up some sort of wireless towers on heavily populated network “end points” and deliver broadband to large groups of people. This is possible, but somewhat unlikely.

I would love to hear what you think

Will Apple’s iTV take over the living room and put the Cable companies out of business?online survey

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