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How to Shut Down Background Apps in iOS 7

Save your Battery Life, Data Usage, and Processing Power by Killing Background Apps

Goal:Learn how to shut down applications running in the background in iOS 7.

Shut Down Background Apps iOS 7

Shut Down Background Apps iOS 7

First, the Bad News

When you launch an app on your iPhone, it runs even after you click the Home button to close it. Actually, you really just minimized the app – you didn’t close it. After using several apps (or dozens), you will have a big pile of crap running in the background.

“So what?” you say. Here’s what; many of those apps do a few not-so-great things unbeknownst to you.

  1. They download data
  2. They run background process which use CPU and Memory
  3. They wear your battery down

All of these things make your awesome little friend a lot less awesome.

Here’s What You Can Do About It

You can shut down any apps that are running in the background using the Multitasking menu. Double tap the Home button.

This will open the Multitasking menu. You will see a thumbnail preview of the app you were most recently in, as well the rest of your running applications. Swipe to the left to see the rest of your open apps.

iOS 7 Multitask Screen

iOS 7 Multitask Screen

Closing Running Apps

You can activate the App Killing Mode by holding your finder on one of the app thumbnails for a few seconds.

Swipe an app up and off the screen to fully shut it down. Scroll left and right and repeat the upward swipe to close any or all running apps.

Swipe up to Close an App

Swipe up to Close an App

How to Reboot your iOS Device

Once you kill all of the apps that you want closed, you can/should reboot your device.

Hold down the Home button and the Screen Lock button.

How to Reboot iOS 7

How to Reboot iOS 7

The screen will go black in about 5 seconds, then the Apple icon will appear in another 4 seconds.

iPhone reboot screen

iPhone Reboot Screen

Now you can release the Home and Screen Lock buttons. In a few more seconds you will see your Home screen.

That’s it, all of your background apps are closed and your device should run a little better.

Watch the Video Tutorial to See How it’s Done

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