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Create a Content Marketing Campaign – Quickly, Easily, and Free

Leverage Your Existing Content to Grow Your Marketing Funnel

Overview: This tutorial shows how to create a quick, simple, free Content Marketing Campaign to draw people to your product or service.

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Content Marketing Tutorial Diagram

Every marketing site will tell you that “You have to do Content Marketing“. They all say how it’s the next great wave in attracting customers to your site, but precious few ever really SHOW you exactly how it’s done.This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily execute a content marketing campaign for a page or product on your site.

Let’s say I have an Ebook that I want to sell. The Ebook contains a bunch of tips and tricks for using Microsoft Excel. I need a way to get visitors to my sales page and convert them to customers.

I will deploy a content marketing campaign that starts on my site and branches out to several social media locations. The campaign will use the following techniques:

  • Blogging/Article Marketing
  • Video Sharing
  • Photo Sharing
  • Document Sharing (Slides and Text)

Blogging / Article Marketing

I started by writing a very basic tutorial on how to do a Vlookup in Excel. This article has step-by-step instructions with screen shots that show how do this process. I placed a link in the article that goes to my Ebook sales page. I took the content and research for this article and repurposed it in several other quick and easy ways. I started out by recording a video screencast of the steps I covered in the article.

Video Sharing

I use a program called Camtasia by Techsmith ($300 Windows – $100 Mac). There are several free alternatives that you can also use. (http://alternativeto.net/software/camtasia-studio/) I took the video and shared it to sites like YouTube, 5min, x, x, etc. When I published the video I made sure to include a link back to the article with thorough title, description, and tags.

Finally, I embedded the video in the tutorial to make it that much more useful.

What does this do? Well, it puts a very useful/helpful piece of information out in the world that demonstrates my credibility and leads viewers directly back to my site.

Photo Sharing

Then I took the “feature image” from the article and share it on a number of image sharing sites like (Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, etc.) Again, when I publish the image on these sites I included a link back to the article with the accompanying title, description, and tags.Since I have a feature image for the article, I pinned the article on Pinterest. Make sure to include a graphic with text explaining the post in your Pinterest post. These really attract visitors well.

Document Sharing

Next, I took the text and images from my tutorial and pasted them into a PowerPoint presentation. Site’s like Slideshare have a ton of users looking for useful information. Make sure to add a link back to your site in TWO places: the description of the presentation and the footer of the slides. I also embedded the Slideshare presentation in the article to add even more value and interaction.There are a bunch of other places that you can post your slides: LinkedIn, Google Docs, Zoho, etc.

You can also take the information in you article and put it into a Word document that can be similarly shared on sites like Docstoc, X, X, etc.

Finally, you can post links to your article (and all of the places you posted the content) on your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr profiles.

There you have it. We created one useful piece of content, then repurposed it into several smaller pieces that can be published all over the web. All of these little pieces point back to your home base which funnels visitors to your sales page where they can be turned into customers.

See the Content Marketing Vide Tutorial

See how it’s done in the video tutorial below.

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